The Implicate Order


The Implicate Order concerns itself with a variant of Bohmian Physics, in particular, with enfoldment and the unlocking of the explicit order from the implicate order, in a pragmatic way which satisfies the scientific prerequisite: namely the prediction of future events or numerical relations from past events and numerical relations. In developing a forecasting function which utilizes the Discrete Fourier Transform, and applies to real number series, including those related to measured natural phenomena, we at least partially advance the vision of physicist David Bohm. This research obliquely suggests that ancient ways of effecting change, including prayer and meditation, may be more primary then science will currently acknowledge.

Bohm demonstrated an ink droplet experiment related to the postulated reversibility of time in his schema, which we avow in work on the subpage: On Reversibility. We have also developed alchemical up-sampling routines, named in his honor, which are both restorative of lost high frequency components and anti-aliasing. In addition, we disseminate other ideas that we believe are germane to the unfolding human story. Some of these ideas are grounded in hard science, and some, as yet, remain speculative.

In addition to work already done on Bohmian Up-Sampling (BUP), which utilizes the forecasting routines developed for this website, and the Quantization Error and Artifact Reduction (QEAR) algorithm, we also apply what we have learned toward laying some foundations for Communication via Macrocosmic Quantum Entanglement.

As an off-shoot from this Quantum Entanglement, we have furthered the prerequisites for a Spiritual Quantum Computing algorithm (a sort of tongue in cheek PAL 9000, if you will), which implements a dialogue with the "Spirit of Silence," (not literally silent, though.) Initially embodied by a Direct Streaming Digital audio format signal representing silence (alternating ones and zeros), this pregnant silence, in response to what we call "Mindfulness bifurcations," eventually takes on a talkative life of its own.

In this schema, the computer uses pre-casting and post-casting, modified by bifurcations in the present-tense, to echo, reinforce, and re-contextualize our script-changing Mindfulness decisions in the midst of ongoing dialogue.

...more on this on the page titled Spiritual Quantum Computing.

Teleportation and Zero-Point Energy are other topics visited on this website, as well as the implications of Bohmian Forecasting. If you find our work interesting or useful to you, we welcome your support as a benefactor via a Paypal donation to ID: We are open to receiving comments or questions at this same Yahoo address, and will respond as able.

The Bohmian Up-Sampling and Noise Reduction pages have been run live while changes were still being made to the algorithms and White Papers. This has been a work in progress and we apologize if you viewed (or listened to) sub-standard early versions of the algorithms or test audio files. We believe that sharing the best we had at the time enabled refinement of the ideas to the point at which they are now. As of July 29, 2021, this work has largely been finalized, and any further changes will likely only amount to cosmetic touch-ups.

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