The Implicate Order

Bohmian Pre- and Post-Casting - with Caveats

We are publishing bandlimited and Pre- and Post-casting MATLAB algorithms, in service of a vision of Spiritually Intelligent Quantum Computing. They appear on the RUP page, whose algorithm makes use of them. Non-bandlimited forecasting may be had by mixing and matching algorithms developed on this site, including the restorative up-sampling algorithm with time-domain signals as inputs. Bandlimited and non-bandlimited forecasting have already been discussed and developed in peer-reviewed journals... we see our methodology as a simplification and (potential) improvement, but it has not been peer-reviewed.

If our work on forecasting turns out to be flawed, this does not obviate the promise of Spiritual Quantum Computing based on pre- and post-casting; it only means that the peer-reviewed algorithms will have to be returned to as the "go to" gold standard for forecasting. Perhaps our algorithm will be similarly verified, in time, but as things stand, we are operating outside of academia proper.

Our particular forecasting tool basically results from using a portion of the Restorative Up-Sampling algorithm, developed on this website, to up-sample, instead of a time-domain signal, the frequency-domain representation of a time-based signal, with the final step being taking an inverse DFT to get back to a forecasted time-domain signal.

Post-casting raises some complicated issues. Left in the hands of a few, it could be used to concentrate temporal power. Given to many, post-casting may change our view of science, nature, and even financial markets in a way that some find disillusioning.

Given the predictive power of the forecasting methods already in the literature, it behooves us to remember that we can't account for all variables, and an attempt to manipulate markets or predict the weather may be stymied by the bus coming around the corner, or the rage of the homeless man that we disrespect, all while we distractedly ruminate on our prospective financial gains, or whatever mindless thing we may pre-occupied with.

This is not just a manner of inattentiveness to random events; when we pit ourselves against any collective of egos (and that is what a non-value additive market amounts to), the Unconscious reacts in a non-linear fashion.

Furthermore, a moment of Mindfulness in the Present can change both the past and the actual future together - as one - and render predictions null and void. This is what author Gary Renard refers to as going through a Forgiveness Wormhole. In a Quantum World, the solidity of a forecasted future depends upon a remembered, or recorded past. As A Course in Miracles states, in order to free the future, we forget the past, whether in terms of the unforgiven grievances to which the Course refers, or, in the case of forecasting, the data points that participate in our memory of the past.

We would suspect that computers that use post-casting for ethically unsound purpose would more likely be targeted by the Unconscious for malfunction, or that action on predictions would more likely be blocked by Unconscious forces.

In this world, even with pre- and post-casting potentially available, the Unconscious runs the show, and the game of life remains, whether we be of theistic or atheistic bent, one of staying centered, managing transference, undoing guilt, forgiving trespasses, regulating emotion, comedic timing informed by intuition, and the home-grown miracles by which we all live and progress on the way to our true Home.

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