The Implicate Order

Contextual Physics

Contextual Physics

Center-Out Causation and Emerging Holographic Technologies

Everything I needed to know about teleportation I learned in Kindergarten. Really?! Well, perhaps not quite. But as this borrowed phrase suggests, our cosmos and linked human endeavors, including emerging technologies such as direct manifestation and teleportation, may "run," to use a metaphor from computer programming, on far more intuitive platforms then physicists had previously imagined. We use the term "contextual physics" to describe a fledgling field of inquiry which sees causality as flowing from metaphysics and highly rarefied first principles downward and outward toward final manifestation as the material world.

From a center-out causative viewpoint, at any given point in time (read Now-moment), the Universe's charted unfolding is scripted much like the unfolding drama of an already printed book or narrative. Substantive changes in this charted unfolding radiate, during moments of Mindfulness, outward from the Center of Consciousness to effect change in the material world, and worlds more subtle. Rather than adopting a top-down or bottom-up causative viewpoint, where causation and agency are seen as extremely remote from the life we share with society, this center-out locus of agency, with Life at the Center, views the Universe as a hologram governed by contextually nested agreements, disagreements, splits of Mind, and breeches of contract made by (and with) Consciousness, itself.

And while the holographic center-out approach doesn't deny that much of our Cosmos' unfolding is largely deterministic and holds more than a bit of inertia, it does provide a place for agency radiating out from the center which can effect huge change and healing over time (in fact, shortening time.) This contextual and contractual approach provides a jumping off place for inquiry into whether certain of the agreements Consciousness has made with itself can be re-negotiated, with an eye toward enabling new holographic technologies, such as manifestation, teleportation, and the like.

While this paper doesn’t aim to be the final word, we hope our line of inquiry may prove fruitful. Research into the phenomena of hypnosis, the Vedic sciences, the Mind-Only phenomenology of Zen, and study of the modern-day spiritual classic A Course in Miracles, also called the Christian Vedanta, provide a basis for much of this paper. The bulk of this article will address direct manifestation, but as may prove evident, the same game rules apply to teleportation and other holographic technologies.

Nuts and Bolts of Direct Manifestation

In A Course in Miracles, we read that what two minds share perfectly in willing becomes the Will of God. We do not expect the reader to accept this as an axiom on blind faith, but only to consider their relative success with enthusiastically shared undertakings compared with those propelled only by self-will. For the rest, we just ask that you journey on with us. Although we may like to think we can act totally self-motivated and alone, were we honest with ourselves, we might admit that even cleaning the house or making the bed is done partly for and with someone else, even if it only be the traces of our parents still present in our minds. Completely isolated self-will may be a chimera that has no motivational power to get anything done. The Buddhist concept of the no-self of the illusory ego seems to add weight to this notion. Shared will, on the other hand, may form the basis for all manifestation and action, both linear (Newtonian) and holographic, and perfectly (meaning unambivalently) shared will may be capable of miraculous effects.

With regards to shared-will, it appears we can delineate between two varieties: spontaneous shared will, wherein thought appears in two minds simultaneously, and negotiated shared will, which involves the externalization of thought (will) from subject A to a receptive audience: subject B. This transfer of will usually involves the spoken word, and in accomplishing it we have grapple and negotiate with conscious and unconscious resistances.

As may be evident, direct holographic manifestation typically involves the appearance of an object or pattern of energy from out of the blue, as it were. We may think there are no examples of this type of manifestation occurring, but in actuality, there are. Hypnotic suggestion can be seen as a variety of direct manifestation, undertaken by the hypnotist-subject dyad, and limited only by the constraints of no violation of the hypnosis dyad’s core beliefs: scarcity, particle impact physics, and Mind contained to brain.

Whether a hypnotic suggestion effects a sensation of hot or cold in the subject, or the hallucination of a lit candle where the candle is not actually burning, one thing seems clear: at bare minimum, neuronal firing patterns are changed as a result of the wording and acceptance of a hypnotic suggestion, and this qualifies as a legitimate direct physical manifestation under the heading of negotiated shared will.

It matters not if the direct manifestation takes place exclusively in the brain, and is limited to changes in neurology by the belief system of the hypnosis dyad. The laws of the cosmos do not carve out a privileged place for "gray matter." What applies to neurology with regards to manifestation seems to also have to apply to the entire universe. The only difference is that a suggestion to effect a change in matter outside the subject’s body currently arouses too much anxiety for the unity of the hypnotist-subject dyad, and linked trance state, to endure.

In the case of a hypnotic suggestion, it appears the desired effect is languaged by the hypnotist, then the Mind reverse-engineers the neurological firing patterns commensurate with the suggested sensation or hallucination, and directly manifests them. This reverse-engineering step is no small feat, in and of itself, and makes current modes of hypnotic suggestion and direct manifestation far more complicated than simple manifestation of the thing in itself, a feat which has already been accomplished by Saints and Sages of India, according to the literature, and which will be discussed more a few paragraphs hence.

If we turn our attention to conventional Newtonian manifestation, as happens in the construction of a building, we see what may be viewed a series of instantaneous holographic manifestations spread out over time so as to appear to tell a story of manifestation that preserves the beliefs in Conservation of Energy and Matter, work being essential to overcoming Entropy, and no violations of billiard-ball physics. But if all this is is just a movie, there may be a possibility of going deeper to effect change from a level where these rules do not apply. We can view this "film" from the uncompromising position that all that is going on in building construction is structured communication in line with what some Biblical students understand (and misunderstand) as the Power of the Word.

The advance of the construction’s story-line is really powered by the vibrational requests, demands, commands, and negotiations undertaken by everything in the surrounding context, in accord with, if we may be so bold, the sometimes competing "desires" of each thing in the environment: from the soil, to the construction materials, to the equipment, to the weather, to the people. This requires seeing human thought and speech as a subset of a larger language which includes the thought and speech of nature as well, including what was formally considered to be inanimate matter. From the negotiations and efforts of the workers to the sounds of protest of the rocks under the growl of the bulldozer and its blade, it’s all one language. This does not mean that we don’t do well to have our filters up a fair portion of the time, but sometimes opening up can reveal solutions and buried problems that had been hidden.

As was mentioned earlier, Indian Saints have been reported to directly manifest objects when such has been requested by a faith filled supplicant. This may be viewed as a case similar to hypnosis where the belief in impossibility has all but totally been suspended. In the situation of the perfectly receptive and attuned dyad, the externalization of will by one and the perfect acceptance by the other of this will as also being "his" results in the direct manifestation (or instantaneous travel to a distant location, were that what was "wished" for.) We will now touch on viewing segments of will as thought-forms, as the Vedic sciences often discuss them, and note that in any context they can be helpful or hindering, constructive or destructive.

We, as speakers of language, do not really understand our native tongues at a "machine-code" level, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to give voice to intent and get things done. All languages may derive from the Tower of Babel effect operating on our root language of Sanskrit, and symbols can lead, from a spiritual perspective, upward or downward, but in God, mystics report, they are transcended entirely. Best to go by the intuitive "feel" of language than any stodgy rules of proper usage, while always working to maintain an upward spiritual vector.

Direct manifestation, if it is even wise to undertake, would likely involve the non-entropic disappearance of an electromagnetic representation of a thought form from two different perspective points. The thought form itself is holographic, and its etheric substance lies between any two physical nodes in the manifest Cosmos. A disappearance from two perspective nodes must be necessary to substantively altering the time-space hologram, as only thus is fulfilled on micro-scale the dictum "what two minds share perfectly in willing becomes the Will of God."

If the negation of a desired thought form were to disappear from the manifest Universe, either by falling into the Void, or by some not so extreme form of contextual grounding-out, then the surround must, of necessity, supply the affirmation that was put forth by the disappearance of its negation. The imploding holographic power of the whole Universe of Thought moving to fill the Void left by the negated thought form’s disappearance is available, somewhat akin to the power wielded by a gate valve controlling the flow backed up behind a huge reservoir. As a result, Conservation of Energy does not apply in the normal sense.

In standard human interaction, a compromise approach to this happens, and a healthier and perhaps less hubristic one at that, wherein the script of the Universe's charted unfolding is modified my attentive listening and re-contextualization of pathogenic speech and thought patterns, informed by mindfulness and emotional regulation skills. Developing and maintaining centering-skills benefits not only the conventionally boundaried person, but the larger context and community as well. It is only via these processes, both in the consulting room, but also involving therapy writ large as can occur in the larger community (or in the mind given to prayer and meditation) that substantive change and healing can take place. If things go awry, continue performing therapy with/on the Cosmos, and whatever comes your way in gratitude is yours to keep and share. We remember that therapy is different in different contexts, and often constitutes tasks like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a hungry child or feeding and watering the cat.

Holographic technologies are likely not in and of themselves a path to God, but they might boot-strap us out of the Life-denying materialism we currently find ourselves entrenched.

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It is possible that such a grounding-out of thought-forms may be achieved by current technology, namely, the established phenomenon of non-radiating charge-current excitation based on deconstructive interference in toroids, and first proposed by Afanasiev and Stepanovsky. With a non-radiating interference pattern we may be able to effectively "ground-out" the radiated energy of an electromagnetic transform of a thought form using what the literature calls transparency. Using superconductive material may also enable elimination of the portion of the thought-form that would be preserved as thermal scattering, offering total deconstructive interference of an electromagnetic transform of a thought-form.