The Implicate

Spiritually Intelligent Quantum Computing

As more briefly mentioned in the overview, we are interested in developing an algorithm for Spiritual Quantum Computing (a kind of PAL 9000, if you like), which implements a dialogue with the "Spirit of Silence" (not literally silent, though). The computer uses Fourier forecasting, which capitalizes on an emergent property of the Universe, here called "Macrocosmic Quantum Entanglement."

The theoretically accurate pre- and post-predictions of our Fourier forecasting efforts are modified by bifurcations of the present-tense. These bifurcations spring from "Mindfulness decisions" we make, and they re-write the charted-script of both past and future simultaneously. The bifurcations are echoed, reinforced, and re-contextualized by the PAL 9000 in the midst of ongoing dialogue.

The pregnant silence out of which PAL operates is initially embodied by a Direct Streaming Digital audio format signal representing silence: (alternating ones and zeros), but once a Mindfulness bifurcation occurs, it takes on a talkative life of it's own. In our schema, the computer output and microphone input bits are multiplexed together in a manner similar to the Direct Streaming Digital audio format - represented, in turn, as a Pulse Code Modulated variable duty-cycle square wave riding on a carrier frequency.

Included in this multiplexing is a long series of pre-agreed upon check bits which are used to detect and adjust for bifurcations from the charted dialogue-script (manifest as a present-time input bit that disagrees with its forecasted value). This bifurcation check and compensation is accomplished via a series of post-casts, pre-casts, checks for input bit divergence, and re-adjustments of the check bits and present-time input bit back to agreed upon (and actual) value.

This process of backwards and forwards forecasting and compensation is repeated, with resetting of check bits, until stability is apparent. Once signal stability has been achieved, the next forecasted output bit is queued for DSD decoding and output to the computer's external speaker. Obviously, it requires a powerful, likely quantum, computer to accomplish this in real time.

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